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Recovering from traumatic events, like car accidents and tragedies involving wrongful death, can be challenging and costly. Overcoming life-altering injuries requires strength, perseverance, and, often, an experienced personal injury lawyer. Cooper Law Partners – Biloxi is dedicated to helping Mississippians recover maximum compensation for injuries caused by the negligence and recklessness of others. In addition to representing individuals who have been in a car accident, a truck accident, or a slip and fall accident, we represent those who have experienced nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, birth injuries, and more.

Trust a Biloxi accident attorney on our team to guide you through your case from start to finish. Our mission is to provide total client satisfaction and we won’t rest until you receive the compensation you deserve. If you’ve been in a wreck or are suffering from serious trauma, contact us today. Our team will provide a free case review, guide you through the process, and connect you with a Cooper Law Partners – Biloxi personal injury lawyer.

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Cooper Law Partners’ Biloxi and Mississippi lawyers handle a large variety of practice areas including: car accident cases, 18-wheeler accident cases, wrongful death cases, dog bite injury cases, defective product cases, and many more. Explore our practice areas for more information on how our accident and personal injury lawyers can serve you and your family.

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Bicycle Accidents

Contact our Biloxi bicycle accident attorney to receive maximum compensation for your emotional and physical trauma. We specialize in cases involving spinal, brain, and back injuries.

Burn Injuries

The severe nature of burn injuries can damage a person physically and psychologically. Receive maximum compensation for your injuries to fund your medical treatment and future complications by contacting our Biloxi burn injury lawyer.

Car Accidents

Car accident trauma and injuries can be devastating, to the crash victim and their entire family. Contact Cooper Law Partners’ award-winning car accident attorney in Biloxi, MS to start working toward emotional and financial recovery.

Construction Accidents

When you’re on the job and an injury occurs, you should expect to receive compensation for your medical expenses and potential lowered quality of life. Our construction accident lawyer in Biloxi, MS will make sure you get what you deserve.

Defective Products

Manufactured products are typically safe, but some defective items may still reach the market. If you have received a defective product and its usage ended in injury, it’s vital that you connect with our Biloxi defective product attorney right away.

Medical Malpractice

Medical mistakes are not only costly, but physically and emotionally challenging for the patient and their family. If you’ve suffered from medical malpractice in Biloxi, MS or surrounding areas, contact our malpractice attorney right away.

Truck Accidents

Trucks, with their massive size and heavy cargo loads, pose a lethal threat to drivers of other vehicles on the road. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, contact our Biloxi truck accident attorney.

Uber and Lyft Accidents

In the age of ride sharing and semi-autonomous driving, the threats we encounter on the road are evolving. If you have been injured in an Uber and Lyft accident in Biloxi, Gulfport, or anywhere else in Mississippi, contact our award-winning legal team.

Workplace Accidents

You should feel safe and secure at your place of work—not in pain because of a workplace injury. If you have suffered an accident or injury in the workplace, contact a Cooper Law Partners – Biloxi accident attorney for guidance.

Your Partner in Mississippi, Cooper Law Partners

Our team of legal experts and attorneys are dedicated to helping injured Mississippians recover. No matter the situation, you deserve maximum compensation for the pain and trauma you’ve endured. When you contact Cooper Law Partners, you contact award-winning lawyers who will help you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

Our philosophy is simple. Everyone deserves an exceptional attorney to represent them in the court of law. Our Biloxi personal injury lawyers, truck accident attorneys, car accident attorneys, and workplace lawyers have extensive experience and a passion for providing life-changing results for our clients. There’s no risk to you—you will only pay if and when we win your case.

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